About the group

Mellifera is the debut project from Matt McLean a 21-year-old Winnipeg singer songwriter who has been involved with music since picking up the bass when he was 8. Since that time, he has played many live shows in bands as well as solo performances. All these experiences have accumulated into his first project Mellifera.


Mellifera is a blend of musical sounds both old and new, with rustic sounding vocal melody’s and acoustic guitars, blended with modern electric guitars and bass it creates a feeling of nostalgia while being fresh and modern creating a lush, harmony rich, vibrant folk sound with hard hitting percussion and brass sections that is influenced by 60-70’s acts like The Beach Boys, Neil Young and Leonard Cohen as well as modern bands such as Fleet Foxes, Joanna Newsom and Alvvays.


With the band’s debut EP “Osiris” in the late stages of recording they are more than exited to bring their bled of folk to you.